A List of Lenormand Cards

List of Lenormand Cards with Some Alternate Meanings
1. Rider/Messenger: News, Communications (Liaison)
2. The Clover Leaf: Luck (Good Fortune)
3. The Ship: Risk, Adventure (Travel)
4. The House: Security (Home)
5. The Tree: Longevity (Health)
6. The Clouds: Confusion, Transition (Change)
7. The Snake: The Other Person, Danger, Stealth (Suddenness)
8. The Coffin: Ending, Initiation (Immediate Health)
9. The Bouquet: Appreciation (Gift)
10. The Scythe: Cutting, Clearing (Harvesting)
11. The Rod/Whip: Argument, Service (Disagreement)
12. The Birds/Owls: Chatter, Gossip, Divination (Discussion)
13. The Child/Little Girl: Innocence (Youth)
14. The Fox: Cunning, false prophecy, manipulation (Planning)
15. The Bear: Authority, Mother, Headstrong (Power)
16. The Stars: Luck, Direction, Creation (Navigation)
17. The Stork: Deliverance (Delivery)
18. The Dog: Friend, Co-dependency (Loyalty)
19. The Tower: Borders, Division, Vision (Authority)
20. The Garden: Networking, Being Seem, Communing (Society)
21. The Mountain: Block, Durability (Obstacle)
22. The Ways: Options, Choice (Decision)
23. The Mice: Theft, Small Bites, Productivity (Losses)
24. The Heart: Romance, Courage (Love)
25. The Ring: Agreement, Oath, Contract, Continuity (Commitment)
26. The Book: Knowledge, Secret (Learning)
27. The letter: Record, Sentiment (Written Word)
28. The Gentleman: Analytical (Man)
29. The Lady: Intuitive (Woman)
30. The Lily: Purity, Simplicity (Sex)
31. The Sun: Success (Will)
32. The Moon: Recognition, Dreams (Fame)
33. The Key: Opening, Closing, Access (Discovery)
34. The Fish: Resources (Business)
35. The Anchor: Standstill (Stability)
36. The Cross: Burdens, Problems, Trouble
These are not comprehensive or necessarily consistent to any one person, author or teacher. They are an amalgamation of useful words to learn in practice, which can apply to any variety of question or situation.

Lenormand Tip: Cards Work In Combination.


MICE + BIRDS = snippets of gossip … which could be wearing away at you.
RING + BOUQUET + DOG = A close friend (Dog) brings a gift (Bouquet) of a commitment (Ring). In one question, this could mean “a marriage proposal”, in another, “a business partnership”. Either way it is a “trustworthy proposal”.

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