Introduction to the Lenormand Lexicon

A Lenormand Reading

A Lenormand Reading.

This site offers a free and dynamic record of the key words, combinations, layouts and usage of Lenormand cards. As we consider contemporary Lenormand a language-in-development, with many roots and sources, we have created this site as a living dictionary. In this way, we hope to record and provide a useful resource to anyone learning Lenormand.

This site is open for all contributions from any particular background to add their own phraseology of Lenormand.

We particularly and uniquely here draw on our own research and experience, including what we call the English Lenormand, i.e. A. E. Waite’s writings on the coffee-grind symbols and Les Amusemens des Allemands, published in 1796.

These and other sources in cartomancy of that period obviously pre-date all current reading methods and interpretations and are the original works from which all Lenormand has followed.

The categories for posting are:

  • Lexicon: The basic elements of Lenormand; keywords and cards, images, inserts and verses.
  • Grammar: The way in which those basic elements are combined in interpretation, such as pairs, merged meanings, right-to-left, etc.
  • Phrase: How the lexicon and grammar is presented in readings, such as layouts, fans, pyramids, lines, and spreads.
  • Usage & Slang: A catch-all category for interesting meanings derived from reading experience.

We hope this site provides a useful and fascinating resource for everyone learning lenormand.

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